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Welcome to Deer Park Wildcats Athletics! In order to begin a successful coaching season, the following documents are required and must be completed and submitted in a timely manner. All paperwork and certifications must be on file before board approval and coaching begins. Coaching stipends will be paid in one check at the conclusion of the season and after the end of season checkout.

All employees must have an active BCI/FBI background check. If you have a copy of your BCI and/or FBI that is within the past 12 months of your date of hire, bring them to the Board Office. If you do not have a current background check, schedule fingerprinting with  Jennie Cunningham or Betty Hollander  at the Board Office- 8688 Donna Ln, Deer Park, OH 45236
*Bring Driver’s license and $50 check or exact cash.  

  • Background checks and Pupil Activity Permits, Licenses, or Educational Aide Permits must be provided to the district prior to working with students. THIS IS MANDATORY

The Athletic Director or Board Office will create your Final Forms account and you will be notified via email to complete Emergency Medical Authorization and other required documents that require a signature. It is pertinent that you provide an up to date email address,  and contact information  in order to upload and track required  Background Checks, Pupil Activity Permits and  for payroll purposes within Athletic Director and Board Office.

Missy Fischer, Payroll Specialist

  • W4- Complete and Return for Federal Income Tax withholding.
  • IT-4- Complete and Return for state income tax withholding .
  • Form SAA-1945- Must be filled out by all employees working under SERS or STRS

It is MANDATORY that coaches complete SERS for retirement withholding

  • City Tax- Complete and return so the appropriate city income taxes are withheld.
  • I-9 Form- Complete thru the signature line marked. You can find a full list of the Instructions for the Form I-9 HERE.
  • Direct Deposit- Please provide a check with this paperwork with “Void” written.

The above paperwork is to be returned to the Treasurer’s Office

Complete All OHSAA Coaching Certifications and upload those certifications to your final forms account. You can also forward them to Jennie Cunningham or Greg Huster.

  • This LINK from OHSAA has the process to attain the certifications 
  • Create your safe account
    • Create ODE Safe Account LINK
  • Once created you can begin getting your certifications
    • CPR, First Aid for Coaches (take online), Concussion, Fundamentals of Coaching (1st year coaches only), Sudden Cardiac Arrest (can be filled out on final forms).  
    • NOTE: The First Aid for Coaches Course & CPR can be taken at Deer Park through Mercy Health once a year (June). If you miss those classes at Deer Park they can be taken at other local schools or online as discussed on OHSAA website.
  • Upload all Certifications to final forms. 
  • Create ODE Safe Account LINK and apply for the Pupil Activity Certification. . AFTER TAKING CLASS YOU STILL HAVE TO GO ONLINE SAFE ACCOUNT AND REGISTER WITH STATE!!!!!!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. It is imperative that certifications are on file to be compliant with Ohio High School Athletic Association as well as Deer Park High School.

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