Deer Park Jr/Sr High School Remote Learning Overview October 22nd, 2020

Jr./Sr. High School

General Information

Good evening, Deer Park Family,

As you know, students that have been in-person attendees to the Junior/Senior High School will be temporarily switching to remote learning, starting tomorrow, October 23rd.  This remote learning model will last through November 6th, and, starting November 9th, students will return to the previously-used Hybrid Learning Model through the Thanksgiving break.  For more information, please see this press release from earlier today

To clarify, this will only affect those students who have been regularly attending Deer Park Jr/Sr High School in-person.  Any student who was already enrolled in the Apex or Edgenuity online learning formats will not change what they are already doing.

Tomorrow, our building will be open only for students to pick up materials as needed.  Any student who needs to go to their locker must enter the front entrance of the school building between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., have their temperature scanned at our front office, and then gather their belongings from their locker before leaving.  Please see the details in the "Upcoming Schedule" section below for more information.

We know that this change will be a challenge.  This is true not only for families, but also for our staff.  Please know that while we will continue to hold our students to high expectations throughout this process, we will also be holding ourselves to even higher expectations so that we may help our students succeed to their highest levels.


Thank you,

Shane Hartley
Principal, Deer Park Jr/Sr High School 

Upcoming Schedule

Tomorrow will be a remote learning day that will match the Wednesday remote learning days that were used while in our Hybrid Learning Model earlier this school year.  For more information, please click here. 


Details will be sent soon to students and families with more information about the schedule for the remaining days of remote learning.

Overall, students will need to be available to be online every day.  This is so that students can maintain consistency as much as possible in their educational process while in a remote learning setting.

Additional Information

While students are not attending the school building each day, we ask our families to continue to be diligent regarding safety procedures.  As we know, our ability to control the spread of Covid-19 depends on all of us following the guidelines of the CDC.  We thank you for your patience, cooperation, and dedication to our students and their education!

Upcoming Dates to Know

Thursday, October 29th & Friday, October 30th: Conferences (No School)

Tuesday, November 3rd: Election Day and Remote Learning Day for ALL STUDENTS.  Due to Deer Park Jr/Sr High School being a voting location, we will not be holding class in person on November 3rd.  This day will be set up similar to our Remote Learning Wednesdays in the first part of this school year.

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