Deer Park Jr/Sr High School Wildcat Weekly: November 29th, 2020

Jr./Sr. High School

Extended Remote Learning

Good afternoon,

As you know, we are extending our remote learning for our in-person learners for one more week.

Though there aren't many updates to send your way, I did want to at least send you an updated copy of our schedule this week.  Here is a link to our Odd/Even Days for this week.  Overall, please know that tomorrow (Monday) will be an Odd day, and that the schedule times for the classes will remain the same.

We hope you had a great and safe Thanksgiving Break!  

Shane Hartley
Principal, Deer Park Jr/Sr High School 

What's New?

Deadline to Make Changes for 2nd Semester School Choice
If families would like to change their choice for in-person or 100% virtual learning for the 2nd semester, parents/caregivers must make that change by Monday, November 30th.  This is only needed if you're choosing to change your current choice.  Any student who is on the 100% virtual learning model who does not change will remain as a 100% virtual learner for the 2nd semester.   For more information, please see this information.


No 1st Semester High School Exams
As you know, we have had to miss A LOT of in-person instruction so far this school year.  Therefore, high school-leveled classes are NOT going to take 1st semester exams this year.  Instead, we will continue our regular instructional days December 14th through December 17th.  Please remember that December 18th is now a full teacher-workday (no students in the building). 


Tech Help?: Need some help with your students' Chromebook? If you have any tech issues, please email our Tech department at:

Some families may be having internet connectivity issues.  If so, here is a link to some possible troubleshooting tips!

Weekly Updates

COUNSELOR'S CORNER: Here is a link to this week's Counselors' Corner!  

COUNSELORS' CORNER, VIRTUAL EDITION: Our counselors have created a special Counselors' Corner for our virtual students.  Please click here for that version!

APEX LEARNER, EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Please see the links below for the weekly activities for our online students:

Remote Learning Orientation and Video

Middle School Links and Extra Activities

High School Links and Extra Activities

Suggestions for Remote Learners & Families

1. Establish a Daily Schedule: Set alarms/reminders using phones and calendar reminders to ensure that students are logging on at the start of each class.  Use the Schoology App or a Google Calendar App to help set these reminders.

2. Establish a Location: As best as possible, find a comfortable, consistent, and quiet location to help maintain focus throughout the day.

3. Establish Healthy Habits: Have a snack in between classes, eat breakfast, and maintain consistent sleeping routines.  While it can be tempting to stay up late, remember that students will still need to be attending classes each day from 8:10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

4.  Establish Check-Ins: Without being in person, it may be easier for students to fall behind or forget assignments.  Use Schoology, calendars, and even good old fashioned paper and pencil to keep track of assignments and due dates.  Be sure to check every few days to ensure that students are staying up to date, and parents/caretakers should ALWAYS feel free to reach out to teachers with any questions.

In Case You Missed It

2020 HOLIDAY ASSISTANCE: With the leaves beginning to change, we’re reminded that the holidays will be here before we know it.  If you and your family are in need of assistance this holiday season, fill out a Holiday Food Drive form.  All the buildings have forms available and the forms were also sent home with students.  More information can be found HERE.




REMOTE LEARNERS MATH ASSISTANCE: High School math teachers will continue to be available to assist our remote learners.  Math Homework/Help Club is held every day after school, and the schedule is below.  If a student is interested in getting help with online math, please contact the teacher below based off availability.  The teachers can then work with students to set up remote learning assistance:
Monday: Mr. Marsh:
Tuesday: Ms. Deller:
Wednesday: Mr. Benjamin:
Thursday: Mr. Gabbard:


WEST POINT SOCIETY LEADERSHIP & ETHICS SEMINAR: Every year, the Greater Cincinnati Leaders of Character Initiative presents the Chuck Ausman West Point Society Leadership and Ethics Seminar for sophomores and juniors around the area.  Deer Park High School is able to send up to 4 students this coming year to the event held on February 5th, 2021.  If you are interested in nominating your student, please email me at: 

For more information, please see this document.  Please send your nominations to me by December 3rd, and we will send in the nominations to the West Point Society.


MARTIN LUTHER KING JR ART, ESSAY, AND MEDIA CONTEST: The Ohio Civil Rights Commission is pleased to announce its annual statewide Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Art, Essay & Multimedia Contest. This contest is intended to encourage students to reflect upon Dr. King’s life, philosophy, and impact on the Civil Rights Movement and present day America. It is meant to challenge students to think about how civil rights and diversity affect their lives and how they can continue the work of Dr. King in their own way.  Submissions are due by December 21st, and for more information, please see this link.



Wildcat Weekly are posted on the Deer Park Schools News webpage.  Here is a link to our District News Page.

Upcoming Dates to Know

November 25th - November 27th: Thanksgiving Break (No School)

December 7th: In-person learning resumes (5 days a week)

December 17th: Last day of the 2nd quarter

December 18th: Teacher Workday (No students)

Staying Connected

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  • E-Mail: If you are not already signed up, please register for the e-mail communication. To register, simply go to and click on the button on the left side of the page that says “Subscribe to District News”. From there, you will send an email requesting that you be added to future email communication from the district.
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