Deer Park Jr/Sr High School Wildcat Weekly January 17th, 2021

Jr./Sr. High School

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Good afternoon,

Our students and staff did a great job of making it through their first in-person, 5-day week since October (and some since last March!) this past week.  While we know we'll be able to get back into these habits soon, it was also a long week for many.  Thank you for helping your students get back into this routine!

I try not to write too much in these Wildcat Weekly memos, though properly recognizing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this weekend makes that a little more challenging.  So instead of being too wordy, I will simply put a link here to Dr. King's I Have a Dream speech.  While most of us have heard this, I encourage you to take a little bit of time over the next week to listen to his words again.

Have a great week!


Shane Hartley
Principal, Deer Park Jr/Sr High School 

What's New?

Last Thursday, we restarting our Thursday morning intervention times.  If your student is falling behind or just wants a little extra help, please encourage him/her/them to come early at 7:35am to meet with any teache.


May 10-13, 2021 are the confirmed dates for DC. I will put it on the DC Schoology page. Shane, could you put a blurb in the weekly minute that these are the new dates to let the eighth graders know the dates and that they can still sign up if they want to! You can include my email if they have questions. Thanks everyone! Hopefully by May we are good to go!


The Academies @Home are virtual weekend and summer programs taught by Harvard undergraduates to help curious high schoolers discover what they are passionate about and learn about the different career paths. Currently, they have programs on Pre-Med, Coding, Business, Business Consulting, Pre-Law, and Politics. Please see for more information. I've also cc'ed the partnerships manager ( just in case you might be interested in running programs at your school or learning more!


Need some help with your students' Chromebook? If you have any tech issues, please email our Tech department at:

Some families may be having internet connectivity issues.  If so, here is a link to some possible troubleshooting tips!

Weekly Updates

COUNSELOR'S CORNER: Here is a link to this week's Counselors' Corner!  

COUNSELORS' CORNER, VIRTUAL EDITION: Our counselors have created a special Counselors' Corner for our virtual students.  Please click here for that version!

APEX LEARNER, EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Please see the links below for the weekly activities for our online students:

Remote Learning Orientation and Video

Middle School Links and Extra Activities

High School Links and Extra Activities

Notes for Remote Learning Academy Students

The 8th and 9th grade remote learners will have a meeting January 22nd at 1:00pm.  Look for more information through students' school emails next week!

In addition to the Apex learner updates above, we'd like to remind our 100% Virtual Learners of a few items as we start the next semester.

  • Please remember that to be counted as present in school, you must be working 5.75 hours per day in Apex or have green progress bars in all classes.  You can see the progress bars on your Apex dashboard.

  • Apex emails "Coaches' Reports" to parents/guardians/coaches every Sunday evening.  Please make sure these are not going to spam or junk mail.  The reports let you know how much time students are spending and how they are progressing.

  • Completing all study guides AS you are learning the material will help you to pass quizzes the first time.  Plus, you can refer to the guides as you are taking quizzes and tests!

  • PE students, please check your email for some tips for getting 100s on PE Explore assignments.

In Case You Missed It

Mobile Dentist Update for Jr/Sr High School: Our Mobile Dentist Smile Program for the Junior/Senior High School has been moved to February 2nd and 4th.  For more information, please see this link.


Registration for the Super Saturday program has reopened for the next session.  The Super Saturday Program is a quality enrichment program for intellectually gifted children, ages 4-14, in the Greater Cincinnati area.

To register, go to:



Wildcat Weekly are posted on the Deer Park Schools News webpage.  Here is a link to our District News Page.

Upcoming Dates to Know

January 18th: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (No School)

February 15th: President's Day (No School)

Staying Connected

There are multiple ways to stay connected to Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School. Please see the attached flyer for ways to stay connected through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Text Messages.

  • E-Mail: If you are not already signed up, please register for the e-mail communication. To register, simply go to and click on the button on the left side of the page that says “Subscribe to District News”. From there, you will send an email requesting that you be added to future email communication from the district.
  • Twitter: Follow Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School for the most up-to-date news and happenings! @DeerParkHS, @DeerParkSchools and @dpcounselor.
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