Deer Park Jr/Sr High School Wildcat Weekly March 7th, 2021

Jr./Sr. High School

End of the 3rd Quarter

Good evening,

As we enter the last week of the 3rd quarter (yes, it's hard to believe for us too!), please take one more time to double-check your child's grades and assignments.  Conferences are this Thursday, and please be sure to sign up for a conference time using the link below.

Please also see an opportunity below for an Introduction to Advanced Placement session.  Our grades 10-12 guidance counselor, Ms. Corrie Madden, will be hosting this session on conference day, and she will also be sharing information about College Credit Plus opportunities.

Finally, a follow up press release will be sent later this week with Zoom links to our virtual conferences on Thursday.

Have a great week!


Shane Hartley
Principal, Deer Park Jr/Sr High School 

What's New?

Our students have the opportunity to obtain college credit through two methods: Advanced Placement (AP) courses and College Credit Plus (CCP).

Ms. Madden will host a virtual session on AP opportunities on Thursday, March 11th from 8:30am-9:30am.  Here is a link to this Zoom meeting:

Please see the information below from Ms. Madden:

Advanced Placement Courses (more information):  Take AP courses that offer students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college creditadvanced placement, or both at many colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world.  Learn more about what AP courses are offered at Deer Park, college benefits, and teacher expectations.  

College Credit Plus: Students take college courses with area colleges like Cincinnati State or the University of Cincinnati.  Students that are interested in CCP for next year must:

  1.  Attend or view an Informational Session

    1. Option 1:  View this link to a virtual Informational Session:  CCP Informational Session

    2. Option 2:  Parents can sign up for a conference with Ms. Madden to address any individual questions on March 11th using

  2. Complete the linked Intent Form not later than April 1st:  CCP Intent Form


We were excited to announce that we will be streaming virtual music concerns later this month (March 24th and March 25th).  For more information, please click here.


Conference sign-ups are open by visiting

Please note that 7th-10th grade conferences are "team" conferences.  Also please remember that our conferences have been bumped to March 11th, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Again, links will be sent out later this week, before conferences, through this platform so that parents can access these virtual conferences.


In the past, we have often been able to use events like Homecoming and Prom to help parents/guardians remember to pay student fees.  With no Prom or Homecoming over the last year, however, unfortunately many student fees have gone unpaid.  Please consider this a friendly reminder to check and pay for your child's student fees.  Thank you for your help!  Here is a link to the PaySchools website, and please feel free to reach out to the front office (513-891-0010) for any help or questions.  We greatly appreciate it!

Weekly Updates

COUNSELOR'S CORNER: Here is a link to this week's Counselors' Corner!  

COUNSELORS' CORNER, VIRTUAL EDITION: Our counselors have created a special Counselors' Corner for our virtual students.  Please click here for that version!

APEX LEARNER, EXTRA ACTIVITIES: Please see the links below for the weekly activities for our online students:

Remote Learning Orientation and Video

Middle School Links and Extra Activities

High School Links and Extra Activities

In Case You Missed It

Last year, in partnership with Terrace Metrics, Deer Park City Schools provided an innovative assessment service to students and families. This assessment is designed to examine the social/emotional strengths and needs of participating students in grades 3-12.  The survey has been administered to over 30,000 students across multiple school districts. This consent form will describe the purpose of the service.  You can also view the following video as well:

For more details, including an "opt out" form, please see this letter.  This week, we will issue the survey starting with in-person learners (only) for the 7th grade (Monday, March 1st) and the 8th grade (Wednesday, March 3rd).  Students in high school will take the test each of the next following Mondays depending on their 1st bell teacher assignments.  As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions.


Third quarter ends on March 12th.  However, the last day to turn in assignments for the 3rd quarter will be WEDNESDAY, MARTH 10TH AT MIDNIGHT.  Whatever your grade is at that time will be your 3rd quarter grade on your report card.  Additionally, 2nd semester grades will be calculated the same way they were calculated in the 1st semester, and final grades in year-long courses will be an average of 1st semester and 2nd semester grades.


Many students and parents have recently been asking this question.  As you may know, Governor Mike DeWine made some very general statements last week about events and gatherings, and he has stated that more guidance will be coming this week.  While we don't know what our annual Prom can look like, we also know that we want to plan something, to be determined, based on our Governor's guidelines in a way that still honors this tradition.  We will release information as time continues as quickly as and thoroughly as we can.


Students who are not on quarantine will still need to be called in as absent.  Please help us keep track of attendance and any possible contact tracing with a quick call to our attendance line (513-891-0010).


Need some help with your students' Chromebook? If you have any tech issues, please email our Tech department at:

Some families may be having internet connectivity issues.  If so, here is a link to some possible troubleshooting tips!


Wildcat Weekly are posted on the Deer Park Schools News webpage.  Here is a link to our District News Page.

Upcoming Dates to Know

March 10th: Last in-person day for students for the 3rd quarter

March 11th: Conference Day (No School for Students)

March 12th: No School for Students (Teacher records day and official end to the 3rd quarter)

March 29th - April 5th: Spring Break

Staying Connected

There are multiple ways to stay connected to Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School. Please see the attached flyer for ways to stay connected through Email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Text Messages.

  • E-Mail: If you are not already signed up, please register for the e-mail communication. To register, simply go to and click on the button on the left side of the page that says “Subscribe to District News”. From there, you will send an email requesting that you be added to future email communication from the district.
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