Amity Students Build Virtual Library

Website Wizards

A group of students at Amity Elementary known as the Website Wizards have been diligently working on a project to give K-6th grade students access to a virtual library featuring student authors, students reading some of their favorite books, and access to full versions of popular books worldwide!

The project was funded through a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation called Learning Links, which allows students to create interesting projects in the classroom. The students determined that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need for students to have virtual access to books.

The Website Wizards created the site from the ground up, utilizing the district website as a host, and building the site by learning about coding and content management systems.

The virtual website is available to all students, and includes featured readers and student authors, as well as instructions for logging in and checking out books through Destiny Discover. The site includes more than 65 books available for check out from any device with internet access!

You can visit the Website Wizards Homepage to learn more about the Wizards, watch the videos and check out the virtual library HERE.

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