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Deer Park Schools is filled with history, programs, and extracurricular activities that the average community member may not know about. “Deer Park: Did You Know?” will be a new feature we’ll be rolling out each Tuesday and Thursday to tell the story of Deer Park. Each week, we’ll feature two different hidden gems of Deer Park. Welcome to, “Deer Park: Did You Know?”

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Did you know the Deer Park Career Academies include a series of courses called the Project Management Academy, designed by Transform Consulting in partnership with the Project Management Institute Southwest Ohio chapter. The program began with curriculum building in 2015, and was officially launched in the 2017-18 school year.

This career pathway offers students a unique opportunity to explore and develop competency in project management, a set of management skills that are highly valued by employers in information technology, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and logistics sectors.

The three-course curriculum culminates in successful students being given the opportunity to sit for the esteemed “Certified Associate in Project Management” exam, a credential typically reserved for seasoned professionals and earning the student three graduation points from the Ohio Department of Education. Most importantly, the Project Management Academy gives the successful student a prestigious certification of their project management skills, maturity, and readiness for an entry-level management career.

Deer Park Schools represents the only high school in the world that offers this program, allowing students to sit for the CAPM certification. In the summer of 2019, a pair of Deer Park students, Daniel Daily and Mark Everman became the first two high school students to complete the Project Management coursework and take and pass the CAPM Certification.

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