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Deer Park Schools is filled with history, programs, and extracurricular activities that the average community member may not know about. “Deer Park: Did You Know?” will be a new feature we’ll be rolling out each week to tell the story of Deer Park. Each week, we’ll feature two different hidden gems of Deer Park. Welcome to, “Deer Park: Did You Know?”

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Did you know the Deer Park Career Academies partner with Mercy Health to teach courses in Sports Medicine?

The Sports Medicine Program offers three courses to Deer park students. The first course, Sports Medicine 101, provides students with an introduction to multiple professions inside the sports medicine world including Athletic Trainers, EMTs, Physical Therapists, Physician Assistants, and multiple other careers.

Sports Medicine 201 takes a dive deeper into the Athletic Training profession and the components that make it up. While in these courses, students won’t just learn about these careers but will also learn basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, taping techniques, how to evaluate an injury and how to perform rehabilitation exercises after that injury, and also first aid and emergency treatment of injuries. All enrolled students will also become first aid and CPR certified through the American Heart Association.

This course is great for all students, especially those interested in a career in sports medicine in their futures. Students are provided with training that can be used in their everyday lives and the information they learn could potentially help save a life in an emergency.

Sports Medicine 301 is an internship offering for those students who have successfully completed Sports Medicine 101 and 201 and are interested in taking their learning to a more advanced and hands-on level. Sports Medicine 301 involves students attending sporting events and learning alongside our district athletic trainer. This course is an “in-the-field” experience outside of the school day and offers students a real look into the sports medicine career field. We have had several students complete this internship and all have reported an outstanding experience you can’t get from the classroom.

This program can aid students in pursuing a successful career in the sports medicine field by preparing them for what might be to come in their futures and ready them for real on field experiences.

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