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Deer Park Schools is filled with history, programs, and extracurricular activities that the average community member may not know about. “Deer Park: Did You Know?” will be a new feature we’ll be rolling out each week to tell the story of Deer Park. Each week, we’ll feature two different hidden gems of Deer Park. Welcome to, “Deer Park: Did You Know?”

Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School Rain Garden

Did you know this past quarter, students from Mrs. Parker's science class spent some time out in the rain garden, located behind Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School?

The students applied important science skills, such as precise measuring, data collection, data analysis, graphing, and model application, to assess the design of the rain garden.

Following a presentation from a guest speaker from the Hamilton County SWCD, students collected data to calculate the maximum volume of water that the rain garden can hold. The students then analyzed the data, graphed it, and built 3D models of the rain garden. Each 3D model was then divided into transects and the volume of the rain garden as a whole was calculated.

The students had a great experience applying their skills to a real-life problem that actually makes a difference in their own neighborhood!

Rain Garden


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