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Deer Park Schools is filled with history, programs, and extracurricular activities that the average community member may not know about. “Deer Park: Did You Know?” will be a new feature we’ll be rolling out each week to tell the story of Deer Park. Each week, we’ll feature two different hidden gems of Deer Park. Welcome to, “Deer Park: Did You Know?”

Partnership with Transform Consulting for 


Did you know the Deer Park Career Academies includes a very popular group of courses called the Entrepreneurship Academy. This three-course curriculum, designed by Transform Consulting, invites the students into the world of the popular show “Shark Tank,” exploring the concepts, challenges, and skills needed to design, build, and run their own business. Certifications from the National Retail Federation (NRF) have been added to the curriculum to expose the students to the underlying principles of retail that exist in most any business, and give them an opportunity to earn six Ohio graduation points for successful completion.

The students move from individual projects to community service initiatives to designing and running a business for a semester. A semester is devoted to learning about, developing, and practicing the soft skills that will help each student succeed in business, including resume writing, interview skills, presentation skills, and business etiquette. The Entrepreneurship Academy introduces and prepares students for the world of start-ups and running a family business.


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