Deer Park Jr/Sr High School Wildcat Weekly: November 21, 2021

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A Message from the Administrators

Hello Deer Park High School Families!

In working with Mindy and the Deer Park High School staff this year at developing best practices, one of our greatest strengths is the investment our teacher leaders deliver via in house professional development. The following Staff have presented best practice instructional strategies for our staff to apply in their daily classroom teaching: 

  • Mrs. Weber:  Intervention Specialist; Shared a Guided Notes strategy to help students.

  • Ms. Godwin: English Teacher and department chair; Shared how to incorporate student choice into lessons.

  • Mrs. Ligons: French Teacher; Shared how to incorporate student voice into student lessons and how and how it could be shared in different content areas.

  • Mrs. Stevens: Intervention Specialist and department chair; Shared how to incorporate self-reflection into lesson plans.

  • Ms. Sullivan: Social Studies Teacher and department chair; Shared how to create jobs for students in the classroom for student ownership of classroom management and expectations.

Two things that all DPHS staff presenters above share is a record of excellence in research-based best practice instruction in their classrooms daily at Deer Park High School and a passion for continuous improvement. A sincere thank you to all of them for sharing best practice with their colleagues. The best practices are shared once a month before school during Friday morning Professional Development.  

To plan and execute a systematic best of class Professional Development package that aligns with our State Report Card deliverables and District/Building goals it requires Leadership. I want to personally thank Mindy Robinson for her spearheading this best practice at DPHS. Super job MIndy!



Bob Winterberger, Principal

Mindy Robertson, Assistant Principal



Classroom Highlight

Teaching and learning is priority one at Deer Park High School. I had the opportunity to stop in Nicole Weber’s classroom this week. She was teaching a lesson aligned with real world experiences her student’s encounter in their daily lives. The lesson observed was crafted from the following Ohio Learning Standards:

Ohio Extended Learning Standard:

S.ID.1a Collect data in real world context to create a dot plot, histogram, or box plot to represent collected data. 

S.ID.4a Organize given data into a normal distribution graph. 

The objective for this lesson included higher order thinking and analysis. The success criterion to measure students mastered the objective is detailed below.  I was one of the people the students collected their random sample from. It was a privilege interacting with our students in the classroom!


Students demonstrated how to interpret a variety of data through the use of graphs. Additionally, students collected data from a random sample of people. Then they created their own graph and analyzed their data. Students' work samples were turned in at the end of the lesson as a way to determine if they understood the content taught. The real world implication for this lesson was giving students the capability to read a variety of graphs and/or data for real world use.

Thank you Ms. Weber for providing students with this challenging lesson connected to real world experience and challenging students with analytical thinking. Also, nice work of engaging students in collecting their own data. I was very impressed with the student’s participation in the classroom and maximum minutes were invested in student learning!


Student Exemplars

Scarlet Oaks Students On Job Placements

One essential goal of education is to prepare students for their future, and at Great Oaks, going on job placement is a part of that process for many of our Deer Park  students. Below, you will find a list of Deer Park/Great Oaks students who recently began job placements!

Student Name




Owen McCane

Automotive Refinishing & Collision Repair


Schottmiller's Auto Body

Sylvia Young

Early Childhood Education


Kinder Garden School

Kaia Eckler

Early Childhood Education


Blue Ash Educational Building


Cheerleaders Shine at CHL Championships

The Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School Wildcat cheerleaders participated in and hosted the CHL Cheer Championship over the weekend. Team honors included a 1st place Game Day finish from the junior high team and a 3rd place finish in Game Day and 3rd place Performance from the varsity squad. Individuals were also collected by Emily Ashcraft (1st place JH Jump Off), Haley Gilreath (2nd place JH Tumble Off), and Bre Moody (3rd place Varsity Tumble Off).

You can see a full gallery of photos at the link below!

See the Photo Gallery


Building news

  • Volleyball Fundraiser at Dairy Queen: Grab a Blizzard and support the Deer Park volleyball team on Tuesday, November 23 at the Blue Ash Dairy Queen! Come out to the Blue Ash Dairy Queen (4820 Cooper Rd) and enjoy a meal or a frozen treat while helping the Deer Park volleyball team raise money for new uniforms for the 2022 season! From 6-9 p.m., 15 percent of all proceeds will go to the Wildcats! Make sure to let the cashier know you're there to support Deer Park volleyball.

Full Details

  • The Deer Park concert band and choir have announced updated dates and times for the Winter Concert series, including high school, junior high, and Amity 6th grade band and choirs. These dates are changes to the printed calendars distributed at the beginning of the year. All will take place at Crawford Auditorium. Please make note of all schedule changes.

    • High School Choir

      • Tuesday, December 7 | 7 p.m.

    • Junior High Band & Choir

      • Thursday, December 9

      • 7th Grade: 7 p.m.

      • 8th Grade: 8:15 p.m.

    • High School Band

      • Monday, December 13 | 7:30 p.m.

  • Pride Survey: As we look at best approaches to support our students, we ask for your support as we administer the PreventionFIRST! Student Survey. This is an anonymous student survey about alcohol use, drug use, and other health behaviors. The survey information will assist us in assessing our successes or needs in educating students of the health and safety value of not using alcohol and drugs. The PreventionFIRST! Student Survey is a thoroughly researched group of questions that can give us valuable insight into many positive and negative student health behaviors. Again, the survey is an anonymous survey and students are not required to participate, it is voluntary on the part of each student.

    • The survey will be administered on Nov. 22nd and 23rd, respectively.

    • If you would like to see a copy of the survey to review its content, please feel free to contact Jason Spelic at Thank you for supporting our efforts to help students understand that alcohol and drug use can be harmful to their health and safety.

  • Extended Absences and Make-Up Work due to Covid:

    • Students can really fall quickly behind when they need to be out for several days. Many students also offer up “I don’t know what to do!” when parents/guardians ask if they should be working on items. Obviously, students should rest if they are ill, but we want to share some tips on how students and families can manage absent work when this happens:

      • Check Schoology together. This is the #1 location where teachers post their Google Meet links, make-up assignments, daily agendas, etc.

      • Can’t access Schoology? Email the teachers. This is the next best step!

      • If all else fails, contact the school at 513-891-0010. This is also very important if your student says they are missing their Chromebook or charger.

    • Upon return, students should:

      • Take advantage of their xbells to go to teachers about their absent work.

      • Come in on Thursdays from 7:35 - 8:00 to get help if needed.

      • Attend an after school homework club (see below for locations)
        Continue to check Schoology daily for those assignments that are still listed as missing!

  • Need some extra math help? The math department is available for support M-W after school: 

    • Monday:  Mr. Marsh, Rm 157

    • Tuesday:  Mrs. Deller, Rm 226

    • Wednesday:  Mr. Benjamin, Rm 224

  • Need other academic help after school? We have homework club after school M-F from 3-4 p.m. at these days/locations:

    • Junior High:

      • Monday: Ms. Troxell, Rm 58

      • Tuesday: Mrs. Stiller, Rm 151

    • High School:

      • Monday: Mr. Marsh, Rm 157

      • Tuesday: Mrs. Deller, Rm 226

      • Wednesday: Ms. Parker, Rm 220

      • Thursday: Ms. Taylor, Rm 252

      • Friday: Mr. Moore, Rm 155

  • Need some academic help? Morning Intervention is available all year for students to come in for extra help from teachers on Thursdays at 7:35am. Students also have a daily “extra help” bell during the day to meet with their teachers.


Counselor's Corner

Check out important info from the guidance office by clicking the link below.

Counselor's Corner


Looking Ahead

Please mark these important dates on your calendar:

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Break: November 24-26

  • High School Choir Concert: December 7, 7 p.m.

  • Junior High Holiday Concert: December 9, 7 p.m. (7th grade), 8:15 p.m. (8th grade)

  • High School Band Holiday Concert: December 13, 7:30 p.m.


In Case You Missed It


School Nurse

Moving forward, all student COVID-19 cases occurring outside of school hours (evenings/weekends) should be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Call the Deer Park COVID Hotline at (513) 936-7843

  • Fill our the Deer Park COVID Reporting Form linked below:

Deer Park COVID Reporting Form

A district nurse or administrator will reach out within 24 hours of the reported case to collect further details.


Deer Park PTO

Become a PTO Member!  The PTO needs you to share your ideas, volunteer at events, plan fundraisers, and so much more!  Use the link to become a member and stay up to date on all the PTO information.  

Become a Member!


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