Amity Work Submission Updates

Amity Families,

I’m happy to hear that most packets have arrived at your homes. With packets arriving mid-week, we understand that it shortens the student work week to get assignments from this week done. Please don’t stress out about this week being shortened or feel a rush to cram all the work into this week. We are going to be extremely flexible with deadlines for this work. 

We have set up building wide submit dates as Mondays in an effort to help parents in organizing, pacing, and submitting work. We did not set these dates to put more stress on our students and parents. Have your student get the work done that they can this week, and submit it on the Amity Work Log on Monday. If the work is not complete, that is fine. The student will not be penalized for it. Keeping the turn in date of Monday will help us get a progress check of how things are going, and how we can help.  If the work from April 13th-17th gets done later next week, please feel free to submit your work log again.

We will continue to put students first and content second as we continue with distance learning! If you are having troubles submitting work digitally, please reach out to your teacher directly, and they will help troubleshoot any issues. If you have not received your packet by the end of the day today, please let your teacher know, as well. 


Josh Drouhard
Amity Elementary Principal

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