Graduation Update: Modified In-Person Graduation Given Approval

To the Deer Park Seniors and their Families,

We received official approval today from the Hamilton County Public Health Department and the Deer Park Police Department that we may move forward with a modified in-person graduation ceremony. This ceremony will be in addition to our virtual graduation that will air on either WKRC Local12, Star64, or the CW channel.

Our in-person graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 21 from 5:00- 7:00 p.m. at Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School. We are going to ask our seniors and their immediate family members ONLY to arrive at Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School in the back parking lot (in ONE car) at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 21. The back parking lot will be our staging area and we will be directing cars to specific parking spots upon arrival. There will be police and administrative presence in the back parking lot to enforce the mass gathering order from the governor. Only one car for each senior with family members will be permitted in the staging area in the back parking lot.  All seniors and family members will be required to stay in their car. If this request is violated, unfortunately, we will have to ask that family to leave.

At approximately 5:00 p.m., we will begin directing one car at a time around the north side of the school building by the bus compound. Each car will then travel along the sidewalk in front of the building toward the front steps of the Jr./Sr. High School.  At this point, our seniors only, will exit the vehicle in their cap and gown and will receive their diploma from Deer Park Administration. We will have a photographer on site who will be taking a picture of each one of our students as they receive their diploma. The diagram below shows the staging area as well as the flow of traffic for the event.

We will also be streaming the event live on social media for grandparents, extended family members, friends, and faculty to be able to view. We are asking that extended family and friends do not gather around the high school to try and witness the ceremony.  Unfortunately, if individuals choose to try and gather around the front of the Jr./Sr. High School, we will have to ask them to leave so that we do not violate the governor’s orders. This will be enforced by Deer Park and Sycamore Township Police.

We want to thank the Hamilton County Public Health Department and the Deer Park Police Department for their guidance and support as we try to create an event that is memorable for our seniors. While in no way is this a perfect solution, we feel like it will add to the memories and experience of our seniors and allow us to celebrate them in one additional way before they become official graduates of Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School.

Finally, we want to thank all of our seniors and their families for their patience and flexibility as we work to make the best of a pretty tough situation. These are obviously unprecedented times and we couldn’t be more proud of our seniors for how they have handled being thrust into the middle of this pandemic during one of the most important years of their lives. Their selflessness, leadership, empathy, courage, and grace that they have displayed over the last two months tells us that the world is in good hands with this next generation of leaders.

Thank you,
Deer Park Administrative Team

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